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„Hip-hop entrepreneurship 2” project- open call for applications (14-22.07, Croatia)

Maj 15 godz. 08:00 - Czerwiec 1 godz. 17:00


Ośrodek Kultury „Górna” is looking for 10 polish participants, between 18-26 years- old and 2 group liders (hip-hop dancers, graffiti artists, music producers, DJ’s, MC’s, hip-hop activists and hip-hop enthusiasts) to join „Hip-hop entrepreneurship 2” project in Croatia. A lot of young people in Europe are independently engaged with one of the 4 elements of hip-hop (dance, music
production and singing, dj-ing, drawing – graffiti). Moreover, many do not even see that far and therefore are not able to identify the opportunities offered by urban culture. We have examples of great hip-hop entrepreneurs worldwide like: Puff Daddy, Jay-Z , 50 cent and Tede from Poland! These hip-hopers don’t just do hip-hop, they also have their record label houses, clothings and shoes companies, dance studios and many more.
“Hip-hop entrepreneurship 2” is a continuation of “Hip-hop entrepreneurship” project from Poland made by youth  from Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary.

Movie link:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmTVukub-Eo  performance in Warsaw city.
During project we will acquire/improve entrepreneurship and initiative competences and digital competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and raise cultural awareness. In the end of mobility every participant will get Youthpass certificate that confirm your participation in project and reflect gained competences.

Objectives of the project ˝Hip-hop entrepreneurship 2˝ are:
* To change the way participants look at their hobby and start thinking about turning it into a business;
* To empower participants with entrepreneurship and initiative competences;
* To empower participants with digital competences and ICT tools which can help them with business ventures;
* To inspire participants and develop initiative attitude with good practice and peer examples;
* To involve participants in project of their interest where they will cooperate with their peers from other countries, improve cultural experience and do artistic activities they love to do.

During project we will make:
* hip-hop song;
* music video spot;
* dance choreography;
* graffiti exhibition;* outdoor performance in Zagreb city.

Traveling dates 13-22.07.17

Language of the project: english

We are waiting for applications by 1sth June.


link to registration formular, below: https://goo.gl/forms/uThkRW5SPk7ZZC3a2

For more information, please contact: a.dawidowicz@gorna.pl


Maj 15 godz. 08:00
Czerwiec 1 godz. 17:00
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